Prepared, eager and knowledgeable

5-stars   Highly likely to recommend

11/11/2017 – Alymc7

  • Local knowledge: 5 stars
  • Process expertise: 5 stars
  • Responsiveness: 5 stars
  • Negotiation skills: 5 stars
Cathy Harmon is one of the most energetic, informed and reliable Realtors it has ever been my pleasure to know. We have moved around the country many times and have met few like her. There is nothing I appreciate more than a Realtor who is familiar with her location. Realtors are the ambassadors of a town and Mrs. Harmon is the finest of these. We found her eminently prepared, eager and knowledgeable. She helped us to build a new life not just buy a new house. Cathy Harmon never stops; she is the Eveready Bunny of Realtors. She impresses me as a person who leaves no stone unturned, always working hard to learn more and get better at her job. She worked diligently for us and was always ready with information that I often did not anticipate needing. There are few Realtors like her and that is a shame for we need more like her.